Psychic Readings

As a young teenager I was always fascinated with clairvoyance, psychic readings, tea leaf readings and séances. At the age of twelve I started receiving readings from the local psychic in my hometown. I was obviously too young but my interest in the craft was so strong and I was so passionate about learning that Mme. Larocque (the psychic) could not say no to me. From then on, I began exploring my own abilities as a psychic and in my twenties gave my first reading. With the ability to go beyond the physical and into the metaphysical I discovered a whole new way of seeing and understanding life and myself. One of the many lessons I have learned is that every little thing or situation that happened in my life, I made it happen, no one else was or is responsible, just me. How? By thought projections!

I wish to help you understand who you are and what you have programmed for yourself in the near future. A good reading has the ability to truly motivate you and lift your spirit. A good reading brings you a sense of awareness and comfort….like a good pep talk!…lol!

How? By centring myself, I psychically connect to your Spirit or Super Consciousness Mind and it tells me what you have programmed for yourself in the next six months up to a year.

When a reading makes sense to you and it sort of feels right, it is because you’ve been made aware of your unconscious thoughts and you recognize them as your own.


I am also a MEDIUM (Channeling). I can connect to your deceased loved ones to receive and convey messages from them.

Readings can be done in-person, phone or virtual (Skype, FaceTime, Messenger Video and Zoom).

  • It is good to have your questions ready beforehand.
  • All calls or sessions are confidential.
  • Payment must be made before the session starts, this way you know the exact amount and you get no unexpected charges.
  • It takes minimum fifteen to thirty minutes (maximum forty five minutes) to give a thorough reading.
  • The cost is from $50.00 to $150.00 +HSTCanadian.
  • Payments can be made via Paypal, Square, E-transfer or cash.

For people who wish to come see me in person, I am easily accessible to Northern Ontario clients living in North Bay, Sudbury, Sturgeon Falls and surrounding areas.


Psychic Reading Testimonials

«Mariette’s valuable insights guided me to the deeper regions of my being, unearthing the truth in my heart and clarifying my path.»
— Karen Houlton

«J’en suis à ma quatrième consultation avec Mariette, à chaque fois je suis très étonnée de l’entendre me dire des choses qu’ils m’ont arrivé. Elle n’a aucune manière de savoir ça car se sont des choses très personnel, elle ressent vraiment nos sentiments. Elle m’a parlée de  mon passé, mon présent et elle m’a prédit des choses qui sont vraiment arrivés. Deux ans passées elle a vu qu’on aurait des parents malades, à ce moment là il n’y avait personne de malade et  1 an et demi plus tard mon père et ma belle-mère sont décédés suite à la maladie. Elle m’a aidée à me guider dans certaine décisions que je voulais prendre. Mariette a vraiment un don et je retournerai la voir au mois de janvier quand ça fera un an. Je l’ai recommandé à mes amies et tout comme moi elles ont été très satisfaites du résultat de leur consultation.»
— Marie-Paule Breton

Mariette’s valuable insights guided me to the deeper regions of my being, unearthing the truth in my heart and clarifying my path.
Karen Houlton